Famous Failures #3: Even More to Root For

Can you name the famous figures who faced the following?

Ready for the answers? Let’s go!

Man, do I love to cheer for an underdog! Maybe it’s because of my own scrappy upbringing, but I find something so compelling about the stories behind the stories of today’s famous figures. After a month of fun research, I just added this third volume to the Famous Figures bulletin board series; lots of folks have already used the first two editions (check out Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 if you haven’t seen these before), so it felt like the right time for a fresh addition. Click here to check out my newest collection of 24 examples of famous people who picked themselves up after early career failure:

In the past, I’ve used these materials as an interactive bulletin board in the hallway outside my classroom, but you could also use the materials as a matching game or a mystery-figure-of-the-day research riddle. I’ve included a numbered and unnumbered option in case you want to combine sets for a MASSIVE board or omit an entry without ruining the flow of the board. 

Hope you enjoy this easy way to show our teens that life’s challenges can be not just endured but overcome, an important message as we launch this new year. Teach on, everyone!

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