You like free stuff, right? Of course you do. We all do. Be sure to scroll down to Friday’s entry where I talk about a couple of free items that’ll make teaching literature and storytelling a bit easier. Continue reading

It was seven years ago this week that I decided to shush my mental ticker tape of self-doubt and post a few items to TpT. I’ve already told the story of how a bit of post-Christmas depression led to my online adventure, but I must admit I’m feeling nostalgic for 2013 and SUPER pumped to keep working hard in this new year. You saw what I made for you this week, right? Oh, and I made some videos, too. Continue reading

Let’s get 2020 started with a free print-and-teach worksheet designed to increase student motivation and help our teens think meaningfully about literature. Continue reading

I realize school work should be the last thing on our minds this week, so I’m just going to set these down here for you to enjoy when the time is right. Happy (almost) New Year, everyone! Continue reading

Hallelujah! Winter break is here. Hope you find some time to rest/recharge with friends and family. I’ll be doing the same up here in Idaho and, as always, posting a few videos to meet the YouTube challenge… Continue reading

I’m humming Bon Jovi this week because oh-ohhh-we’re halfway there! The 36-week school year experiments continues to slog roll along and I’m exhausted relieved to hit this milepost. This week’s offerings: Continue reading

I’m getting back into the post-Thanksgiving break swing of things around here with three new videos over on the YouTube channel: Continue reading