MUG #1, Mechanics Usage & Grammar Bell-Ringers, Editing & Proofreading Practice

Welcome to M.U.G. Monday, where students master Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar by working together to proofread real-world writing examples. These 19 weekly grammar editing sessions address the most common errors made in middle-school and high-school writing.

I’ve used these lessons on Mondays because I like alliteration (M.U.G. Shot Mondays), but you can use them anytime you want. Most semesters run 18 weeks, but I threw in an extra M.U.G. editing mini-lesson in case you have an extra Monday (or whatever day) on your school calendar.

Students write down the flawed sentence and then work together to edit/make corrections. After the class agrees on all of the edits made by the student writing at the board, the teacher reviews the marks, explaining the rules that apply. After three sessions, I collect the students’ papers and give points for accuracy. You can learn more about this process in this YouTube video:

Includes 38 slides in PDF, PowerPoint, and Google Slides format. Uneditable.

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