Literary Analysis Essay, Introduction to Lit. Analysis Essay Writing, CCSS

Help students dig into the elements of literary analysis essay writing with this MASSIVE collection of tools organized into an efficient and effective nine-day writing unit.

Using an animated short film on YouTube and a classic short story as source material, students will see how introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs are built. They’ll learn step-by-step building block formulas and deconstruct sample essays. By the end of the unit, students will have the tools they’ll need to be able to build a well-organized essay focusing on depth of analysis (rather than basic plot summary) for any future piece of literature the teacher wishes to assign.

Product includes:

• Day-by-day overview calendar (bundle exclusive, $1.50 value)

• Introduction to Literary Analysis lecture slide set + guided notesheet (bundle exclusive, $2.50 value)

• Deconstruct the essay (based on 7-minute animated short film) (bundle exclusive, $2 value)

• Feeling Stuck? transition handout (modification of existing product, $1 value)

• Theme lecture slide set (free item on my blog)

• Words to Avoid lecture slide set with Power of Words worksheet/activity (free item in my shop)

• How to Annotate handout with bookmark (free item in my shop)

• The Scarlet Ibis lesson materials (link to short story with short answer question set and answer key) (modification of existing product, $2 value)

• The Scarlet Ibis quote harvest worksheet (modification of existing product, $1.50 value)

• Introductory paragraph format lecture slide set + assignment (free item in my shop)

• Hook the Reader lecture slide set + handout (sold as a standalone item, $2 value)

• Concluding paragraph format slide set (free item in my shop)

• Body paragraph format slide set (bundle exclusive, $2.50 value)

• Deconstruct the essay (The Scarlet Ibis short story) (bundle exclusive, $2 value)

• Symbolism at a Glance handout (existing product, $1.50 value)

• How to Embed Quotations pre-test, lecture slides, and handout (sold as a standalone item, $3 value)

• Literary analysis essay grading content rubric (modification of existing product, $2 value)

• Literary analysis essay grading code sheet (modification of existing product, $2 value)

Value: $25.50
Discounted bundle price: $9.99 (a 60% savings!)

Download includes: 32 pages of handouts and 80+ lecture slides in PDF & Google Drive (uneditable)

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