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Help your high school and advanced middle school students win their written arguments with these easy-to-follow essay writing materials. This bundle of interactive, step-by-step materials inspires even my most reluctant students to put pen to paper. Activities/handouts featuring modern design elements will guide your students as they learn to craft their own meaningful and effective argumentative essays. Easy prep for you; excellent growth for your students’ writing skills. Just print and teach!


• Elements of Argumentative Writing lecture featuring interactive elements and clear explanations of claim, reasons, evidence, and placement of counterclaims (includes both Prezi (online only) and Google Slides versions, uneditable)

• Fill-in-the-blank handout to guide students’ note-taking during the lecture (PDF)

• Two well-written student essays (one pro, one con) on the topic of whether energy drinks should be allowed to be sold to minors; formatted with MLA guidelines and includes Works Cited pages for both essays (PDF)

• “Deconstruct the Essays” activity where students identify five specific argumentative writing elements in the sample essays (PDF)

• List of 42 argumentative essay topics/prompts that will appeal to today’s teens (PDF)

• “Organize Your Argument” attractively designed graphic organizer to help students with pre-writing brainstorming and information organization (PDF)

• “Feeling Stuck?” list of transitions and transitional phrases to serve as a writing aid for students (PDF)

• Argumentative Essay content grading rubric to help ease your grading load (PDF & editable MS Word file)

Download includes: 17 PDF pages; 20 slides in Prezi and Google Slides format (all uneditable)

If your students don’t already know the rules of M.L.A., be sure to check out this citation formatting lesson with lecture and handout. Also, grab this free M.L.A. first-page submission handout to help students who need a model of proper formatting.

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