Symbolism at a Glance, Symbolism Cheat Sheet, Symbols Literary Analysis Writing

Help students feel more confident when they analyze literature with this one-page “Symbolism at a Glance” reference handout.

How to use: Let students know this handout will serve as a guide to help them decode symbols that writers regularly use in literature. (I call it a “symbolism cheat sheet,” though you might not like that description.) After giving students a few minutes to look over the chart, ask them what other well-known symbols could be added to the sheet? What symbols have they noticed in works of literature they’ve studied earlier in the year or in a previous class? As you write those on the board, ask students to write them on the back of the handout for future reference.

If your students keep a writing portfolio, have them store this reference tool in their folders. Laminate the sheet to use as a writing station desk mat. You could even turn the handout into a bulletin board, with students adding examples as they come across them in class readings. Lots of possibilities!

The handout/decoding cheat sheet includes 49 entries in seven categories, including:
• Directions
• Light & Dark
• Seasons
• Weather
• Daily Routine
• Colors
• Animal Life

Download includes: 1-page PDF & Google Drive (uneditable)

Please note: This item is included in my Literary Analysis Essay Writing bundle. To avoid a double-purchase, please do not buy this item if you also intend to buy the budget-priced bundle of writing materials.

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