Famous Failures Vol. 1, Interactive Growth Mindset Bulletin Board, Grades 6-12

Life is hard and you will fail. It’s what you do next that determines the quality of your life. That’s the message I hope students in grades 6-12 learn from this interactive bulletin board that celebrates the growth mindset of famous figures who weren’t defeated by early failures and set-backs. This message, of course, is echoed all over social media, but I wanted to try to find reliable sources to back up what life experience has taught me to be true. To that end, I did some research and built these interactive bulletin board materials for our classrooms, librarians, and counseling offices.

Just print these materials and follow the simple step-by-step assembly directions to create an interactive bulletin board featuring 24 historic and modern examples of famous people who picked themselves up after early career failure. Better yet, have a student volunteer/T.A. build this for you!

Materials you’ll need:
• White and/or colored printer paper
• Scissors
• Tape or glue
• Stapler

Download includes: 44-page PDF (uneditable)

Want to build a bigger board or switch out the examples mid-year?
Click here for Famous Failures Vol. 2.
Click here for Famous Failures Vol. 3.

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