FREE Poetry Lesson Mother’s Day Card + Poetry for Older Students/Teens, Sub Plan

Remember the Mother’s Day cards we made back in elementary school? Let’s revisit that tradition for our middle- and high-school students with these print-and-go materials that’ll make a bunch of moms (or stepmoms/grandmas/aunties/loving women) smile on their special day.

• A student handout featuring 10 slices of poetry about mothers/feminine power.
• Six coloring pages that fold in half to become cards (Print on white paper, colored paper, or cardstock – grab whatever’s available in the copier room and go!)

Suggested lesson procedure:
1. Begin by handing out the page that includes 10 bits of poetry, giving students a few minutes to read them all.
2. Have students choose the poem that reminds them most of their mom/closest maternal figure.
3. Give students a choice of card designs.
4. Inside the card, have them write a loving note to the recipient and include the lines of poetry in their best handwriting.
5. With any remaining time in class, have students color the front of the card with colored pencils or sharp-tipped markers. The coloring portion can be completed in class if time allows or sent home for students to complete on their own time.

Tip: When printing the cards, choose “Print Full Size” on your printer settings. If you choose “Scale to Fit” (the default on many printers), your cards may have unevenly spaced borders.

These pages also work great as print-and-go sub plan materials.

Click here for a FREE Father’s Day version of this same activity.

Includes a 7-page PDF.

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