Princess Bride Film Study, Movie Guide + Activities, PDF & Google Drive, CCSS

William Goldman’s The Princess Bride is the perfect fairy tale to use with secondary students, but it’s not enough to just hit “play” on the DVD. Instead, add a layer of rigor to your students’ study of The Princess Bride with this packet of print-and-teach materials that will take four days to complete while entertaining and challenging your teens.

Materials in this 18-page film study include (PDF + Google Drive versions of student handouts):
• A suggested lesson procedure page with calendar (1 page)
• An opening activity helping students to analyze two argument essays – “Fairy Tales: A Nightmare in Disguise” and “Fairy Tales: A Tool to Help Humanity” (3 pages)
• Four movie-based question handouts that require analysis of the characters in The Princess Bride and help students make personal connections to the film. The viewing schedule is broken into four 20-to-25 minute chunks and helpful time markers are included to help keep you (or a sub!) organized. (4 pages)
• A Code of Chivalry activity where students identify the chivalric traits of four main characters. (2 pages)
• A letter writing task requiring students to write with the voice of one character. (1 page)
• A creative writing task that requires third-person narration along with the use of dialogue, simile, and sensory details. (1 page)
• Detailed answer keys for all question-based worksheets. The keys were designed to help guide class discussion, make grading easier, and/or allow you to leave the materials with a substitute teacher. (6 pages)

This mini-unit is the perfect solution for multi-day sub lesson materials, a transition between units, or anytime you just need a break. Sometimes, we all (students and teachers, alike) really just need to sit back and watch a good movie. By adding in these extras, you can enjoy a movie with your classes guilt-free!

NOTE: A copy of Rob Reiner’s movie is not included with this purchase, of course. On my last product update, new DVD copies of The Princess Bride were available at for less than $5. Copies of the movie on VHS and/or DVD often can be found at used media shops and thrift stores for just a buck or two.

Includes an 18-page PDF + Google Drive version of student handouts (uneditable).

Also, please note that this item includes the Fairy Tales Argument Analysis lesson materials. To avoid a duplicate purchase, do not purchase that individual item if you plan on also purchasing these Princess Bride materials.

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