THREE OF A KIND VOL. 1 – Bell-Ringer Word Game, Class Warm-Up, Sponge, Fun Stuff

Entertain and challenge your teens with this compelling collection of word puzzles. There are many different ways you might want to use these 38 word play slides (19 questions + 19 answer key slides) in your classroom, including:

1. Use as a routine bell-ringer activity to begin class one day each week. You could call this “Three of a Kind Thursday” if you enjoy alliteration, but the slides will work great any day of the week.

2. Use them as a sponge activity to soak up those occasional last few minutes of a class period when a daily lesson wraps up more quickly than you planned.

3. Use them as part of an ongoing team activity/contest that runs a full nine-week quarter. More details included in the download.

4. Use the slides as a reward for classes that hit certain benchmarks or goals.

There are 19 game slides (each slide has three questions on it with a separate attractively designed answer slide) in this packet of PDF & Google Drive slides, allowing you to use one per weekly session. Most semesters run 18 weeks but I added an extra question just in case there’s one you don’t like/want to skip.

However you decide to use these slides, I hope they find a place in your teacher’s toolbox of activities. Students enjoy these lighter activities that provide a fun way to help develop word sense, logic, and vocabulary while building a joy for learning in your classroom community.

Download includes: 38 Q&A slides in PDF & Google Slides + master key + suggested procedures page (all uneditable)

Want more? Here’s another semester’s worth of Three of a Kind game slides:

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