Readers’ Theater for Older Students

I know it’s vacation for a lot of my teacher-friends, so I’ll just set this here for you to explore when you’re ready. One of my go-to tools to take a class through a short story or dialogue-heavy chapter of a novel? Readers’ Theater!

Here are the details about how to run the show:

Click here for a copy of the plain-text version of Saki’s “The Storyteller” that I hand out to students:

Click here for a color-coded copy of the story that I used to illustrate the Readers’ Theater technique in today’s video:

Click here for more materials to teach the three types of irony and lead students through a literary analysis of Saki’s short story:

Have you used this technique in your classroom? What’s your favorite teaching tool or idea? Leave a reply below!

Classroom and curtain image credit: Pixabay, public domain

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2 years ago

Great idea! Loving all things reading, this is one more thing I will try!

Thanks Laura!

Laura Randazzo
2 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn

Awesome, Carolyn! It’s a favorite, for sure. ?

2 years ago

Thank you, Laura! A great idea for adding variety to a larger novel.

Keep the wonderful ideas coming, please! Your videos feel like I’m sitting down with a close teacher friend who is sharing honestly what works and what doesn’t 🙂 Thank you for blessing others with your wisdom and all the free resources, as well as the for sale resources through TpT. (The M.U.G. shots were a definite hit with my American Lit classes this year!)

Laura Randazzo
2 years ago
Reply to  Michele

Aw, Michele, thanks for your note of support. I’m glad you’re enjoying the relaunch of the YouTube channel! I’d definitely save you a seat at my teacher lunch-bunch table. ?

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