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ChatGPT: Friend or Foe?

I met with a group of teachers on Thursday (shout out to Carterville!) to talk about A.I. text generators and


Using AI to Scrub for AI

(UPDATE: Due to the rapidly evolving nature of A.I., the detection tool discussed in this blog post was taken down


High School English on YouTube

My year-long project to post mini-lessons three times a week on YouTube is now complete! To keep things tidy and

high school English

What If…

What if every teacher had the right tools to do this job? What if we all had a hard drive


Do You “Like” Me?

Confession time: I’m Facebook dumb. I’ve never really understood social media. All that liking and tagging and following leaves me

Listen to this…

When Norman Ollestad was 11 years old, he was the sole survivor of a Cessna airplane crash in the mountains