Know that awkward moment when you’ve finish a lecture early, all questions have been answered, and there’s still – yikes! – 10 minutes left in the period? Or ever have one of those classes that seems to finish everything about 15 minutes earlier than all of your other sections? Your first instinct might be to […]

My freshmen are wrapping up our study of The Odyssey this week, and I couldn’t help but share their adorable efforts on a recent in-class activity. Like a proud parent who tapes gold-star papers to the refrigerator, I often post awesome creations on my classroom’s back wall of cabinets. Make it onto the cabinet display? […]

I often have students who rely too heavily on the thesaurus as they craft their essays, resulting in overwrought sentences that block, rather than illuminate, the writer’s meaning. Using a little humor, I built a mini-lesson to help students see what happens when one abuses the thesaurus. This handout, which can be completed as a […]