What I’m Teaching This Week : 2/15-2/19

Happy Valentine’s Day/Weekend! With the holiday falling on Sunday this year, the campus was surprisingly devoid yesterday of the usual pre-holiday candy/balloon/teddy bear explosion. I can’t say I was bummed because my freshmen, who are usually so sugared up for this holiday, were delightfully focused during our first 20Time work session. Keep your flowers – a roomful of on-task 14-year-olds is the only gift I need.

Okay, here’s the agenda for this week:

No school – Presidents’ Day (Yup, this is our second three-day weekend in a row. Jealous?)

Open with a five-minute M.U.G. Shot (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar) mini-lecture/bell-ringer.

Continuing our Greek mythology work, read the “Demeter” myth aloud with the class. (I like to go method with the goddess’ rage voice when Persephone is snatched by her uncle Hades…good stuff.)

In Quarter Trios, play the “Just Give the Word” game.

For HW, students will complete the “Demeter” notesheet, make character flashcards, read the “Prometheus” myth, and complete a separate “Prometheus” notesheet. (I wouldn’t usually give so much HW to freshmen, but I’m teaching honors kids this year and they can handle a heavy night once in a while.)

Open with a ten-minute Words on Wednesday vocabulary mini-lecture/bell-ringer.

Discuss “Prometheus” from last night’s reading assignment and then read “Daedalus.”

Compare/contrast activity featuring “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” and “Musee des Beaux Arts.” Complete the activity by discussing The Beatles’ “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.”

For HW, complete a notesheet for the “Daedalus” myth and make character flashcards.

Discuss strong theme/modern connection choices to use with yesterday’s “Daedalus” work.

Begin our series of hero stories by reading “Theseus.”

Complete an exit ticket to plan tomorrow’s 20Time work session.

For HW, complete a “Theseus” notesheet, make character flashcards, and bring any necessary 20Time materials to class tomorrow.

In-class work session for 20Time projects.

For HW, students will complete a sample S.A.T. practice section. Also, they’ll read the “Pandora” myth and complete a notesheet with a quickwrite topic. (All of the notesheets will be collected as part of a binder project later in the month.)

Hope you’re enjoying this super-sweet weekend and that your students will show you some love this week. Teach on, everyone!

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