What I’m Teaching This Week: 5/16-5/20

The return of the SBAC, California’s version of the Common Core exam, has at least one silver lining. For the next two weeks, my campus will abandon its traditional schedule of six 55-minute classes per day and adopt a modified block, meaning I’ll enjoy the luxury of 90 (count ‘em, NINETY) uninterrupted minutes with each of my classes every other day.

Here’s my plan for the week as we wrap up our study of Romeo & Juliet (please note: most of the individual R&J lessons mentioned below are available in the full unit located here):

Monday  (Odd classes – periods 1, 3, 5)
Open with a five-minute M.U.G. Shot (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar) mini-lecture/bell-ringer.

Review the answers to the practice S.A.T. section that students completed as weekend homework.

Recap Act 3 and review answers from our study question worksheets.

Begin reading Acts 4 and 5 aloud in class. (The acts get shorter/move faster toward the end of the play and I’ll try to get us all the way through Act 5, Scene 2 today, saving the final scene for our next class session.)

For HW, students will finish reading through 5.2, if we didn’t finish during class.

Tuesday (Even classes – periods 2, 4, 6)
Just rinse and repeat yesterday’s lesson plan.

Wednesday (All classes meet for 50 minutes)
Open with a ten-minute Words on Wednesday vocabulary mini-lecture/bell-ringer.

Listen to an audiotape version of Act 5, Scene 3, and then lead a close-reading of sections of the scene.

View and then compare/contrast the Zeffirelli and Luhrmann film versions of 5.3, discussing the differences and how they do/don’t impact the audience.

For HW, our second group of 20Time presenters need to be ready to go tomorrow (odd classes) or Friday (even classes). All visual aid links must be emailed to me today by 5 p.m. (I’ll preload all of their slides onto my laptop tonight to minimize the tech wrinkles in class.)

Thursday  (Odd classes – periods 1, 3, 5)
Second round of the 20Time “what I did/what I learned” speeches.

In Quarter Trio groups, students will complete the Romeo & Juliet timeline review activity.

Dividing the class into two teams, we’ll play the R&J quote review Prezi-based game.

For HW, students will complete a Greek and Latin Roots activity and be ready to take the Romeo & Juliet unit exam and in-class essay early next week. Also, the next group of 20Time speakers need to be prepared to present on Thursday.

Friday  (Even classes – periods 2, 4, 6)
Again, just repeat yesterday’s class. (Benefits of block scheduling? More time with them & less prep for me.)

And…that’s another week done. Teach on, everyone!

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